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As it is known a person’s blood type influences his/her character and temperament. There are 4 blood types:

I – O
II – A

In Russia the first classification is commonly used.

When I was in Korea 85% of my friends and acquaintance asked me about my blood type )))  Why is it so important?))
Indeed there are a lot of investigations on blood type and it influence person. One of them is devoted to interconnections between a blood group and style. Let see the findings^^

1. A-type males – Dandy look
One-word description: “perfection”

A-type guys are usually kind, timid, good-looking, handsome. They are a bit sentimental and open-hearted. So soft cardigan +cotton pants attire suits them the most~ Dandy.

댄디룩 or Dandy style takes its roots in the end of 18th century, when the term “Dandy” came into use to describe an outfit of  the British aristocracy. Nowadays this words applies to modern casual, a bit slacking style.

Celebrity icon: my favourite inimitable Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan

2. B-type males – Neo Hippie look
One-word describtion – “challenge”

Usually women call such men “bad guy”. They are impulsive, whimsical persons and 100% men of moods!! It’s hard to them to control emotions. B-type guys are curious to restricted, forbidden thinds and have inclination to break  rules. Cold-hearted, urban men they are extremely popular among ladies though. B-type men are called “차도남”.

They are recommended to choose “mix and match” style (믹스 앤 매치). Example: CN.Blue



For their eccentric look and love for freedom and independence they designate Neo Hippie. Hippie movement  spring in 1960-s in the USA and became popular worl-wide quickly. The core of hippie idea is pacifism. Their long hair, blue jeans and clothes with extraordinary patterns or fluorescence colours expressed a protest to the society.
Celebrity icon: 전태수 for High-cut, Japanese oshare-kei bands

Recommendations by stylists: animal pattern jacket, semi-baggy pants, black long boots; plastic, leather or metal accessories.

3. AB-type males – New American Suit Look
One-word desctiption: “arrangement”

Logical, cool-headed guys with rational mind. Like order in everything, persons of scrupulous care who attentive even to the minutest details.

Most of out-standing people such as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates have AB-group.

Their style: classical, formal attire, argyle check or gingham chenk shirts and knitwear. Classical and solidaccessory finish the image.

Celebrity icon:  So Ji-Sub

So Ji-Sub

So Ji-Sub

4. O-type male – pop-casual look
One-word describtion: “energetic”

The type that ladies prefer the most. Leaders by nature, active, full of drive and energy and young. Their style is pop-casual.

In the end of 19th century young Americans trying to get rid of formalism set easy, comfortable style which was designated “young casual”.

The basics of pop-casual look are blue jeans, cotton T-shirts combined with jumpers of vivid colours.

Celebrity icons:

Anyway, if our blood type determines our traits, this division has sense because our style depends on the way of thinking and character.

What is your or your boyfriend blood type?))

Looking for materials and visual aids for this article I realised that my ideal match and the type that appeals me the most is AB=))


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