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Are you a fan of ddukbokki? You need to try the original. There is a small street between Cheonggu Station (line 5 & 6) and Sindang Station (line 2 & 6). The area is called Sindang Ddukbokki Town. This is a very popular place among Koreans. The restaurants usually have valet parking. We went to Mabokrim Ddukbokki (마복림떡볶이). Apparently this was the original ddukbokki.

Unlike any other ddukbokki I’ve tried, this one was not spicy at all. We usually see it as a red sauce bubbling as we walk down the street but at this place it was very different. The restaurant only serves ddukbokki so all you need to do is order how many servings you would like. We ordered three servings.

They bring out a pan filled with various things and it cooks at the table. My friends told me it is customary to drink some sweet juice when you eat something spicy so we ordered some mango juice. Once the dish was ready we dug in. I was very pleased with the taste. It was not spicy for me at all but then again, I like spice.. So for someone who doesn’t like it you might find it has a little kick to it…. But nothing like what you find along the street at the vendors. This was a very fun place. It was extremely busy and the seating is very close. Be prepared to sit very closely next to the other tables. For example, my should was touching the persons shoulder next to me.. But again, it was FUN~~

To get here just walk out of Cheonggu Station exit one. Turn left at the top of the stairs. Walk down the street and turn left on the third alley. Walk to the next alley and turn right (you will see a Police Station on the corner). Walk down this street and you will see the large sign that says 신당떡볶이타운. It is very easy to find!!!

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