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Written by on April 20, 2012 in Lifestyle, Worldwide Korea Bloggers

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We don’t really sit around and get pampered as much as we probably should…For some reason we’ve never really thought of booking “spa days” at conventional day-spas here in L.A. Maybe it all seems a bit pricey to us, but luckily for us, we stumbled upon the Korean-styled day spa called Wi Spa, which changed our minds and bodies, forever!

The Wi Spa, located just outside of Koreatown proper, is a spa that you should visit at least once! The experience itself is liberating as well as relaxing and can go on for as long as you want! It’s a 24 hour facility..can you imagine? 24 Hour Access to rest and relaxation! Guests are greeted at the front desk by friendly staff that speak both English and Korean, and questioned on whether they would like to partake in any of the awesome services that are available for extra fees. One of our faves, and something that everyone should do, is what’s called the “buff”. For just $30 for a 30 min. session, you can transform your dry, dull skin into super soft, healthy skin! We get it once a month since it’s such a great beauty deal! What do we want to try next? How about one of the many massages they offer, like the mineral salt massage or the silky massage? Sounds promising…and most of the treatments are VERY affordable compared to other spas and wellness facilities.

After picking your poison, you can make your way to the baths and saunas. Here is the tricky part…if you’re not the exhibitionist type, this might not be the spa for you. The baths and saunas are strictly unclothed areas, but hey, you get used to it rather quickly since everyone else is feeling the breeze as well! And if you can make it past the initial feelings of embarrassment, the three baths and the saunas are very relaxing and clean! Happy bathing!

But if you get hungry during your pampering, Wi Spa’s got you covered! The 24 hour restaurant is located in the common area that both men and women can visit in their stylish spa-provided shorts and t.shirts. The Jimjilbang, or common area, has heated floors to relax on, as well as the restaurant that serves Korean-spa favorites! Oh, and did we forget to mention there are MORE saunas up here? There’s a salt sauna, a clay sauna and a cold sauna (the clay is our all time favorite!). This is an area you can spend hours in, since there are also computers and magazines to read! On this particular day, we decided to study our Korean notes while we ate at the delicious restaurant.

Every time we visit, we can’t help but leave feeling refreshed and invigorated! There are always deals and events happening at the Wi Spa! Check out their website for more information. If you visit, you’ll probably spot us there getting our “spa day” on!

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