Korean cosmetics company to release world’s first refrigerated cosmetics-Frostine

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LG will be introducing the world’s first ‘refrigerated’ 5℃ skincare called FROSTINE.


The brand will be free from harmful substances and no need to worry about parabens, phenoxyethanol because the line will contain 0% preservatives and will completely rely on the temperature for product stabilization. It will also contain 0% harmful ingredients – no colouring, no preservatives nor antiseptics, no fragrance, no heavy metals. This new generation of refrigerated cosmetics will be known as ‘ICEMETIC’ ( ICE + CosMETIC ).

LG has invested a lot of time and money on the developpement of this brand, as it poses many problems – it needed an entire different facility to prevent contamination as these products are more sensitive due to temperature. They also had to be packaged and distributed carefully due to the need of low temperature.

Preservation in cosmetics has always posed a problem as all cosmetic ingredients are sensitive to heat and light which can break down and decompose cosmetic ingredients ( such as oxygen, antioxidants ) and in result, these beneficial ingredients cannot be properly delivered to the skin. In collaboration with the Korea Polar Research Institute, they have created a new patented nontoxic antioxidant called Ramalin a novel compound isolated from the methanol-water extract of the Antarctic lichen Ramalina terebrata.

This plant – the Antartic Lichen – can be found 2500m below sea level, lives in extreme cold,dry and frugal conditions ( –100 degrees ) and has a reeeaaally slow growth rate at 1cm every 100 years! This amazing plant have a number of adaptations that enable them to survive in Antarctica. They are able to exhibit net photosynthesis while frozen at temperatures as low as -20°C. They can absorb water from a saturated atmosphere when covered by snow. They can survive long unfavourable periods of drought in a dry and inactive state. In continental Antarctica, many lichens are able to absorb water vapour from snow and ice. ( Source : here )

Scientifically, ramalin was 1.2 times more potent than ascorbic acid in scavenging superoxide radicals and 1.25 times more potent than commercial kojic acid in inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme activity, which ultimately leads to whitening of skin cells. Ramalin can be a strong therapeutic candidate for controlling oxidative stress in cells. Not only does Ramalin act as a powerful antioxidant, but it also contains anti bacterial properties. ( Source : here )


ICEMATIC ( Ice + Cosmetic ) – cosmetics that are only activated at low temperature – are best kept under temperature conditions between 3 to 10 degrees. For the cosmetics to fit conveniently into the normal household refrigerators at home are tuned to about 10 degrees, LG has specifically designed a airless pump  container which was specifically designed for storage in the refrigerator. It is sealed tightly to prevent food odours and to keep the products clean, and hygienic. The FROSTINE products are also contained in specifically designed packaging to prevent contamination and also for convenience. There will also be a ‘click’ on the packaging which will activate on first click to remind you of the ‘life expectancy’ of the product which is around 6 weeks after the first use. If unopened, it can be kept in the fridge for about 6 months.

FROSTINE products will be shipped in less than 30 hours after order, and kept under 10℃ to ensure that the products are fresh and stable. They will be released to the public in major departmental stores and online stores starting late may.       The FROSTINE brand will have 16 products

1. Toner ( 3 types – fresh , moist and astringent-free )

2. Essence ( 5 types  – Nutritive, Calming & Comfort, Whitening, Pore Tightening, Lifting and Anti-swelling )

3. Cream ( 3 types )

4. Eye Cream

5. Special Care Products ( Masks, Oil Balm, etc )

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