A Day in Chuncheon

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* This post is written by Robert Dunning, one of the Korea Blog’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers.

Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center

Chuncheon is a beautiful city located just east of Seoul. With the new ITX train it is so easy to get to for a day trip. There are so many things to see and do there. Last weekend I decided to get out of Seoul and enjoy the day in Chuncheon. I have been many times but this was the first time to go by ITX. I got on the train at Yongsan Station. Just over 1 hour later I was arriving in Chuncheon. It was awesome~~~

At the station I went to the tourist information center to try and plan out the day. On these types of trips I usually just go with the flow and never really have anything in mind. Today was the same. After checking out the map and getting an idea of what I wanted to do we decided on going to the Soyang Lake. This area is very easy to get to. There is a bus just in front of the information booth that will take you there but we just decided to jump in a taxi and for 16,000won we were there much faster.

Stop one was Cheongpyeongsa Temple. To get here you need to take a short boat ride from the Soyang Dam. It takes about 10 minutes and costs 6,000 won r/t. From the port you need to walk about 40 to 50 minutes to the temple. Along the way are different places to eat and try some interesting things.

The destination…

Along the way you can find some kudzu root. For 1,000 won you can try the drink, it tastes pretty bad but it is supposed to be good for your health…

The temple is pretty. Not being Buddhist, I just enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of these temples. We walked around the temple for a little and then headed back. On the way down we stopped at one of the restaurants and got some food. We ate some potato pancakes and Chontteok (very similar to dumplings). The food was amazing!! The boat comes every 30 minutes so after eating we heading back.

Stop two was the Soyang Dam. This dam is the largest rock-fill damn in Asia. It was nice to walk along the ridge and take some fun pictures. There is also a small museum with information about the dam’s history and some fun facts about water…

It was now time to head to the downtown zone. Stop three was Gongjicheon Stream. We jumped in the taxi and headed to the Uiam Park. This is a small park filled with different types of art sculptures, Across the street from here you can rent some “duck boats” to go out on the stream and rent some bikes to ride along the river.

If you haven’t tried the duck boats they are pretty fun. We rented the electric boat for 20,000 won. That gives you 30 minutes plus 10 minutes bonus. That is more than enough time to enjoy these boats. We returned in about 20 minutes.

It was now time for our fourth and final stop, Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street. This street in right in the downtown shopping area. It is filled with dakgalbi restaurants. Chuncheon has many different Dakgalbi streets and I imagine they are all great. This is the main reason most people come to this city and you will not be disappointed. After a great meal and a little shopping it was time to get back on the train and come home.

※Editor’s note: The Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2012 will kick off its 8-day run on May 20.


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