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  • Jeju-trip-1 copy 2
    Exploring the hidden beauty of Jeju island
    October 1, 2014, No comments

    When you ask Korean people which is the most beautiful place in Korea then the answer that you probably will get is “JEJU-do“. For a long time JEJU was a top destination for Korean couples to celebrate their…

  • JejuIsland 038
    Haenyeo, Mermaids of Jeju Island
    November 6, 2013, No comments

    The downpours of Korea’s rainy season can make even the sanest person a bit stir-crazy. This past summer, it was impossible to go anywhere without knee-high rain boots and a sturdy umbrella, as the storms never seemed…

  • Seopjikoji
    10 things to see and do in Jeju
    November 2, 2013, No comments

    I remember the first time I visited Jeju was in the summer of 2002 when the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup was in full swing. The breathtaking vistas and the charm of the island south of the Korean Peninsula, not to…

  • Camera 360
    10 Jeju Flight Tips
    October 5, 2013, 1 Comment

    Travelling is exciting when things go smooth.  I hope the following tips will be useful to travellers travelling from Seoul, Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport for the first time. First, if you travel to Gimpo Airport by…

  • Jeju City Korea -1
    Fantastic Jeju: Jeju City
    January 29, 2013, No comments

    With the major parts of the island explored, it’s time to set sights on one final destination as The Korea Blog concludes its month-long travel excursion on the nation’s special island. This week Steve Miller…

  • jeju south korea-1
    Fantasic Jeju: Down South in Seogwipo
    January 22, 2013, No comments

    Over the past two weeks, The Korea Blog has generated some travel itineraries highlighting the east and northeast areas of Jeju. This part of the island is incredibly beautiful, offering a wide range of experiences…

  • jeju central korea-1
    Fantastic Jeju: Central Sights
    January 15, 2013, No comments

    Jeju is a magical place. Among all the islands in Korea, it’s the one most think of when the image of paradise comes to mind. Last week, we explored the east side of this famed area of Korea. This week, The Korea Blog zeroes…

  • jeju east korea-1
    Fantastic Jeju: The East Side
    January 8, 2013, No comments

    Jeju is Korea’s largest island and often called “The Hawaii of Korea” or “Honeymooner’s Paradise.” With the island’s recent inclusion into the New 7 Wonders, the small 1849 sqm. patch of land has seen…