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01 PC Room
August 2, 2013
PC Room at Busan’s G-Star Gaming Convention, 2012 When I was a student in Canada and too poor to own both a properly working computer and pay for internet access, I often found myself in a mysterious 24-hour computer…
M/T or Membership Training is a fun spring ritual at many universities in Korea

Meet Me at M/T!

April 10, 2013, No comments

M/T or Membership Training is a fun spring ritual at many universities in Korea Spring brings with it many things – warmer weather, longer days, sp ...

KOCIS - Janggi - Korean Game-1

Korean Games: How To Play Janggi (Korean Chess)

February 26, 2013, No comments

Over the past month, Featured Writer Steve Miller has been introducing popular Korean games on The Korea Blog. Last week he introduced the popular str ...

yut - kocis - qiranger

Korean Games: Yut Nori

February 12, 2013, 1 Comment

This month The Korea Blog is taking a look at popular games played throughout the nation. Last week, Featured Writer Steve Miller introduced the popul ...

  • gonggi - korea blog - steve miller - qiranger-1
    Korean Games: Gonggi
    February 5, 2013, No comments

    “Shall we play a game?” is a memorable line from one of my favorite school hood movies. It’s a line I often use with my friends and family when I want to relax and gather around a table to play board or card games. Over…

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    KCC Olympic Eve event: Footie and Film
    July 27, 2012, No comments

    * This post is written by Korean Class Massive, one of the Korea Blog’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers. Friends of the Korean Culture Centre in London have been invited to ‘Olympics Eve, D-1 Event: K-SPORTS &…

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    Street Gaming!
    December 13, 2011, No comments

    Koreans work hard. I mean they work really hard. Most of my colleagues start work before 8am and finish some time around 7pm during the week. On weekends, many go in for part of a Saturday more than once a month. It’s an…

  • The standard set of Hwata (Go Stop Cards).
    Go Stop: A Korean Card Game
    January 31, 2011, 5 Comments

    Truth be told, I love card games. When I was growing up in the United States, my family and I used to sit around the table and play games a few times each week. I remember playing games such as Uno, Euchre, and my personal favorite:…