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March 6, 2015
What am I holding? It is Poop Bread- a delicious waffle-like bread in the shape of poo with dollop of filling. I am feeding Dongchimee- the poop man with poop bread :) I ordered a red bean fillings Poop bread which cost me…
Korea-2014-summer-8 kopie

Sharing the passion for Korea

August 8, 2014, No comments

It ‘s almost one week ago since I got back from an other exciting trip to Korea with some of my Hapkido students. After my first trip to Korea ...

Jeju orchid green tea

O’ Sulloc, ode to green tea

February 6, 2011, 2 Comments

“Coffee or tea?” In Korea, the tea in question is usually nokcha (녹차), green tea. Unlike black tea (홍차, “red tea”), green tea goes thr ...

Ssamziegil on a snowy day

Pouches full of fun at Ssamziegil

January 19, 2011, 1 Comment

Ssamziegil on a snowy day Ssamziegil is a cultural and commercial complex situated in the middle of Insadong, the street of traditional Korean cultur ...