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  • jhb_kth_sbs
    Femme Fatale of the Joseon Dynasty, Jang Ok-jeong
    April 28, 2013, No comments

    A Joseon era beauty. Painting by Shin Yunbok. Photo courtesy of The Academy of Korean Studies. Although there are many beautiful women with virtue and grace, there are the opposite. Every country has one. An infamously…

  • Heo Jun (2013) Photo courtesy of
    Heo Jun, the Legendary Doctor of Joseon
    March 27, 2013, No comments

    Know any famous doctors? Ask this question to a Korean and most likely the answer you’ll hear is “Heo Jun” (허준). Never mind that he was a physician of the Joseon Dynasty some centuries ago, Heo Jun is without…

  • King Euija from MBC’s drama “Gyebaek” (2011). Photo courtesy of MBC.
    The Last King of Baekje, Euija
    February 27, 2013, No comments

    King Euija as depicted on KBS “King’s Dream” They say history is written by the victors, which is easily proven by how little you learn of the “losing” nations during history class. The Korean history you learn…

  • Baby Princess Deokhye
    The Last Princess of the Joseon Dynasty, Deokhye
    January 18, 2013, No comments

    The Imperial Family of Joseon: Crown Prince Youngchin, Emperor Sunjong, King Gojong, Empress Sunjeong, Princess Deokhye At times, life can be more dramatic than any kind of fictional portrayal. At times, a person’s…

  • yearofthesnake_illust_suzychung
    2013, the Year of the Snake comes slithering in
    January 7, 2013, No comments

    Happy New Year! It is 2013, the Year of the Snake. Among all the 12 symbols of the zodiac, the snake is probably regarded as the most dubious; its flickering tongue, slimy skin, poisonous looking fangs and rather sneaky…

  • 2012dragonyearkoreablog
    Looking back – the Korea Blog 2012
    December 27, 2012, No comments

    So 2012 is on its way out. It was quite the eventful year; lots of memorable happenings in Korea and out, and it wasn’t an exception here on the Korea Blog. So what was it like here in 2012? What were the most popular posts?…