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  • Do I want to crash into the van, drive into oncoming traffic, or crash through Gwanghwamun Gate?
    Exploring Korea with online maps
    January 5, 2012, 1 Comment

    A couple months ago, I spotted some unusual looking cars outside my office. They had these big omnidirectional arrays on the roof, and the name Daum was written all over them. They were the Daum Road View cars, preparing…

  • Seoul_Bus_G5412
    Public Transportation in Korea
    December 22, 2011, No comments

    * This post is written by Maria Margareta, one of the Korea Blog’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers. Public transportation in Korea is integrated, rapid, convenient, and efficient and will connect you to some of the major…

  • Mother Nature made sure to clean everything for her guests.
    Riding with KORAIL Tourism Development
    December 6, 2011, No comments

    I travel. I mean I travel a lot. Given any week, one will find me navigating the streets of Seoul, traveling to one of the far-reaching provinces, or taking in some of the unique history and culture of Korea. It takes a lot…

  • IMG_2277
    Seoul Culture Station 284
    September 28, 2011, No comments

    Seoul is a sprawling city. Not only does the city center boast some 10 million citizens, but the satellite cities in the metro area boost that number to almost 25 million in the blink of an eye. As real estate became scarce,…

  • IMG_1275
    Traveling by Bus and Train
    August 29, 2011, No comments

    Congratulations! You’ve made it to Korea, either on holiday or for work. While you might be inclined to stay in your arrival city during your time in the Land of the Morning Calm, who does that? Probably the greatest…

  • IMG_0348
    Essential Korean Travel Apps
    April 23, 2011, No comments

    Traveling in Korea is easy enough, but getting around in Seoul has gotten even easier. This is thanks to a pair of iOS apps named Seoul Bus 2 and Jihachul. Each is designed to work on recent iPod Touch devices, iPhones, and…

  • IMG_4345-2
    The Korean Post
    February 21, 2011, 7 Comments

    Korea is an amazing place to visit (and in my opinion, a great place to live), but one thing is sure to happen when you come to this country: You’re going to buy things! Over the years I’ve amassed a large assortment of…