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    Korean Ginseng Festival 2013 in Singapore
    December 6, 2013, No comments

      The Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted a 2-day event to introduce Korea’s most symbolic health food, Korean ginseng, to Singapore. The Korean Ginseng Festival 2013 offered a chance for guests to get…

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    The New KFC : Korean Fried Chicken
    November 3, 2013, 1 Comment

    Many people would associate Korean food culture with the traditionally tasty dishes such as Kimchi, Bulgogi, Sangyetang, Bibimbap etc.  However, a new wave of Korean Food Culture that cannot be ignored is the Korean…

  • najeon chilgi 6
    Najeon chilgi for techies
    November 2, 2013, No comments

    One of the wonderful things about watching Korean TV dramas is that you see a lot of beautiful things. Take, for example, those delicately designed jewelry boxes that are as precious as the jewels inside them. Or those…

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    Autumn Rail-Biking Along Seomjingang River
    October 26, 2013, No comments

    Seomjingang River, one of the four major rivers in Korea, starts from Imsil and  Sunchang. It merges with several bodies of water in Gokseong-gun, Gurye and  Hadong before flowing into the South Sea.  With the cool…

  • Camera 360
    10 Jeju Flight Tips
    October 5, 2013, No comments

    Travelling is exciting when things go smooth.  I hope the following tips will be useful to travellers travelling from Seoul, Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport for the first time. First, if you travel to Gimpo Airport by…

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    Need a minute? Take a break at Seonyudo Park!
    September 22, 2013, No comments

    If you are living in Seoul and need to escape the fast paced lifestyle for a while to refill your enegery tanks – look no further than Seonyudo Park! The park is located within the city and is a retreat for families,…